Aerial Series: Run - 2008

Aerial Series includes: Link, Inlet, Reach, Run, Mouth, Float, Tilt, Tilt 2, Cluster, Course, Course 2, Range, Slide, Field, and Stretch
Drawings, coloured pencil on drafting vellum
Dimensions: each 40cm x 61cm (16" x 24") unframed, (19.5" x 27.5")
Photos: Toni Hafkenscheid
Exhibition history: Leo Kamen Gallery, Toronto, ON, 2008, B and K Projects, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2009, Saint Mary's University Art Gallery, Halifax, NS, 2012
Collections: Link, Inlet, Reach: Private collections

A group of line drawings related to the site work Simili and the Schema series of cut aluminum wall works. In the drawings large fields of pattern are shifted to create constructed landscapes seen from a faux aerial point of view.