Knot - Metrogate Park, Scarbourough, ON - 2012

Granite sculpture, patterned paving, plant materials
Landscape architect Matthew Bernstein, Terraplan
City of Toronto public art project
Commissioned by Tridel
Photo: Toni Hafkenscheid

Knot is an outdoor public artwork created for Metrogate Park in Toronto. A knot pattern derived from a needlework bookcover stitched in 1554 was the starting point for the artwork that incorporates sculptural granite elements, patterned paving and plantings.  Large circles delineated by interlaced figure eights and smaller knot designs join the two mirrored halves of the artwork. The artwork is site specific and was designed to be experienced both at ground level and from the neighbouring buildings which allow for a vantage point high above the park.

In researching the work I looked at historical knot gardens and at formal gardens and mazes. The stone sculptures refer to the clipped topiary of classical gardens and hedge mazes. The shapes of the granite elements are determined by the underlying pattern so they appear to be extruded up into three dimensions from it. Knot designs have been used in many cultures - for book illustration, heraldry, textiles and landscape design. A knotted cord creates a continuous, closed system and the horizontal figure eight connects the knot with the sign for infinity. The endless knot can be seen to represent good luck and longevity.