Cube (Isometric 1 and 2) - 2012

Water-jet cut aluminum
Edition: 3
Cube (Isometric 1): 91cm x 86cm x .3cm (36" x 34" x 1/8")
Cube (Isometric 2): 91cm x 81cm x .3cm (36" x 32" x 1/8")
Photo: Toni Hafkenscheid
Exhibition history: Art Toronto, 2012; Katzman Kamen Gallery, Toronto, ON, 2012

Cube (Isometric 1 and 2) represent isometric views of a cube that has been "extruded up" from a two- dimensional drawing.  These wall works are related to the sculpture Cube which is built in layers from the same two-dimensional plan view. The source plan derives from four identical baroque tile designs, each rotated one quarter turn and placed together to form a square. Cube (Isometric 1 and 2) reference wire frame computer imaging techniques used to represent three-dimensional objects in two-dimensions. The underlying pattern inflects the surfaces of the cubes, shifting them away from the purely minimal.