Spill - 2002

Hand cut landscaping cloth
17m (60') long x 1cm to 6m (3/8" to 20') wide x 3.6m (12') high (top of railing to floor)
Exhibition history: De Overslag, Eindhoven, The Netherlands, 2002
Photo: De Overslag

A temporary site specific installation created for De Overslag in Eindhoven, The Netherlands using the design from a historical Dutch damask. The work originates in a narrow coiled form in the upper gallery, moves up and over a railing, and cascades to the ground floor where it expands out into the lower space. The scale and volume of the pattern increase gradually in the upper part and then rapidly as it reaches the far wall of the lower gallery. Spill operates in contrast to the ideal of order and miniature beauty proposed by the original finely woven white textile.