Cache - 2008

Found ice fishing hut, hand cut fabrene tarp, wood
2.7m x 2.7m x 2.7m (9' x 9' x 9')
Exhibition history: Lake Nipissing, near downtown North Bay, ON in Ice Follies 2008, 3rd invitational biennial of site specific works, organized by the WKP Gallery, February - March 2008

A temporary work commissioned for Ice Follies, in which invited artists address the ice fishing hut in the context of the Lake Nipissing site. Cache consists of an old ice fishing hut enclosed in a cube and installed on the frozen lake. The sides and top of the cube structure are covered with a semi-translucent white tarp cut in a repeating ornamental pattern. The hut inside is concealed or revealed depending on light conditions and distance of the viewer.