Schema Series - 2008 (installation view)

Water-jet cut aluminum, baked enamel
Photo: Cheryl O'Brien
Exhibition History: Leo Kamen Gallery, Toronto, ON, 2008; B and K Projects, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2009; Saint Mary's University Art Gallery, Halifax, NS, 2012

Inlet and the Schema series of wall-mounted works are based on three baroque tile patterns researched during an artist residency at Maison Patrimoniale de Barthète in Boussan, France. The original tiles were arranged in grids with the pattern fragments coalescing into large-scale composite designs for walls and floors. In this series, and in the related Aerial drawings, reworked versions of these pattern fields are subjected to processes of shifting, distortion and selection to create faux aerial perspectives on a series of constructed "landscapes". Flopping between flattened pattern and a sense of distance and depth, the Schema works explore connections between the simulated, the artificial and the "natural".